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Welcome Home Bobby🙏🏾

The world sees LAUGHTER 😂 PYCR sees RESILIENCE. Our men are the epitome of RESILIENCE. Black & brown men imprisoned endure TORTURE, ABANDONMENT, STARVATION, DEHUMANIZATION, POISON, HEALTHCARE NEGLECT, SUICIDAL PROVOCATION & soooo much more yet they come with this unscathed fearless disposition💯‼️💪🏾

Aside from welcoming our sons and brothers home let’s pray for their emotional and mental healing, PTSD, depression and anxiety caused by being caged and enslaved like animals. Walking those those gates is just the beginning of being FREE. Welcome home @realbobbyshmurdags9 @rowdyrebel and all the other brothers who paired their “” debt to society💯 #FreeOurBodies🙏🏾 #FreeOurMindsToo💪🏾

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