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Are You Dum? Vol 2 ‼️

The levels of monstrosity met at Fergie Baby’s “Are You Dum⁉️ Volume 2” release party, held at a historical landmark “Andrew Freedom Home” (which now serves as an artists’ hub) located in the origin of HIP HOP, nothing other than the Bronx New York, checkEd every celebrity box desirable in regards to anticipation, expectation and execution. From start to finish beginning with security check in at the gate, a garden filled pathway entrance, Italian inspired renovation with steps leading into the venue following ticketing distribution, guests were enthusiastic to celebrate Fergie’s musical journey before they even stepper foot into the venue space. Planned, orchestrated & executed by Jasmine Jones CEO of JJPR Public Relations & ”BRee Booked It” (Publicist/Intern Coordinator Executive JJPR affiliated) all stops were pulled out including media & radio/podcast appearances by “HOT 97 Who’s Next”, “Urban News”, “Dreams 2 Reality”, “Play Your Cards Right”, “Livin Room TRT“ just to name a few. Speaking of appearances, R&B Princess “Vina Love”, Harlem’s Own “Vino World” & Brooklyn’s Finest “Billy B“ came through in full support of Fergie “Harlem’s Baby” celebration.

Billy B & Vino performed FREAK” & “I’m On You” which they feature on adding to the concert ambiance of the night. While awaiting Fergie’s presence “Chef Craze NYC” prepared appetizers such as chicken & waffle sliders, steak sandwiches & chicken chunks on scene real time gracing the rooms with an undeniable aroma setting a scene for cuisine and hospitality unheard of at normal hip hop events. Who’s Hot Who’s Not “Sha Boogie” kept the crowd entertained and engaged showcasing his crafty engaging hosting expertise. Moments captured by “Remember the Time Foto Booth” placed in front of a customized Fergie Baby graffiti backdrop was the perfect photo op for attendees’ group chats, camera rolls and mentions. Throughout the evening “Tee the Shooter”, “Something Light Media”, “ShaShae Lens Photography“, “CVP NYC” & more professional lens’ came to zoom in and out of the greatness, intricacies, beauty and interactions taken place upon, during and after Fergie’s arrival. Thanks to “Ana She Shacks” social distancing was suggested with the supply of masks, while habits were being accessorized by offering hand crafted lighters with FERGIE’s name on it.

Once the anticipation was at its height, Fergie entered the gates alongside his loyal entourage eager to hit the stage. Once greeted like a celebrity, a status we know awaits him, he rushed the crowd with gratitude, excitement, love and hunger to grace the stage. Nonetheless he smashed each song with the help of his fellow artists, beautiful co-host Chelsea and vibrant entourage. “Are you DUM?” is the only valid necessary question if you aren’t following his musical destiny. “Are you DUM⁉️ VOLUME 2“ Fergie’s third project (they say three is a charm) is now streaming on all musical platforms. Get ready to embrace his unique lango, impeccable breath controlled cadence, proactive lyrics and melodic uptempo delivery 14 tracks at a time. PS. GOD is from HARLEM.

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