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Legendary Convo w/ HAVOC THE INFAMOUS

Male Champion Mondays🙏🏾❤️😍🌹⚡️ presented by @playyourcardsright_ hosted by myself🤩 & then this happened. @mobbdeephavoc from THE INFAMOUS @mobbdeepqb graced his presence on my platform to talk everything MOBB DEEP, THE INFAMOUS, Entreprenuership Advocacy, Paying it Forward, East & West Coast, Sag Aftra, Hip Hop Union, Kanye West Collaboration, Lil Kim Quiet Storm session, producing for Nas/Jay/Ye & MORE‼️ Go to my FB (Destini Belton) & @playyourcardsright_ YOUTUBE channel for gems💎💎💎💎💎💎

Havoc will forever be the REALEST in HIP HOP for taking the time to bless my platform w/ no label or network backing. Mere energy⚡️⚡️‼️‼️ I am so ecstatic I was able to give him his flowers while he is still here to appreciate them🌹 Two words to describe the 90’s in Havoc’s voice is FUN, & WILD. In another words WILD FUN. If you missed the 90’s you missed out 🤣🤪😜 Go follow used his continual journey. Havoc = ‘s If LEGENDARY was a person 👑‼️❤

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