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War on POVERTY 👿

Video reposted from @ailmofficial 🙏🏾

For the past decades television ✖️ cinema has defined, re-created and outlined different versions of what society calls the “WAR ON DRUGS”. Filmmakers & story tellers illustrate the “Crack Era” as a time period in the eighties where inner city communities dilute a sophisticated controlled substance used by the elite to a more affordable product that took precedent to its competitor powdered substance 💥

Its high demand contributed to wealth for those distributing the product and death for the consumers ☠️ Most CRACK documentaries provide insightful explanations on how cocaine usage soon transitioned to a free base substance eventually named “CRACK”. The “CRACK” era viciously, violently and unpredictably stripped black communities across the country of its pride, dignity, decency, freedom, peace of mind and humanity 😔 💯

The difference between Netflix’s original documentary “CRACK” versus stories formerly told is that it speaks to the CORRUPTION, CONSPIRACY & SCANDAL committed by REAGAN/CLINTON administration. Despite the horror and devastating acts this infiltration provoked military policing was enforced. Hasty mandatory sentencing was written into legislation enforcing 5-40 years maximum for possession of arguably smalls amounts of crack cocaine possession departing families seemingly destroying the fabric of African American Communities. Further more this candid raw documentary outlines the smuggling of kilos of cocaine into the country cooberated by American government in efforts to support Nicaragua to overthrow the Sandistas in a Central American war. The cooperation of the CIA under Reagan’s watch blatantly neglected the welfare and health of the American people primarily from African & Caribbean descent. The government‘s involvement is no longer a conspiracy once admitted by the director of the CIA after being interrogated by members of the Los Angeles community to explain how these drugs entered American cities. Investigation and evidence proves the gas lighting of media narratives like “crack babies 👶🏽 “ & “crack mothers” phenomenas in conjunction with stigmas portraying this plague as a BLACK crisis minimized the importance of a national health intervention. Criminalizing those affected rather than providing resources to aid effectively and efficiently reversing its effect on the marginalized victims suffering.

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