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Social Media 101 (PYCR CAST) Part 2

Tonight’s PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT @playyourcardsright_ Re-introduced “THE CAST” Jamez, @harlem_monsta Ron, @officialronguest, Britney @b_luv_foreigns, Latarro @mavericklaw_esq & last but not least LaToya @sheblogs_afterbirth “SOCIAL MEDIA 101” PART 2 EDITION 🗣💻📲❗️‼️ Hosted by @iamurdestini Destini.

Today they dived into OVER indulging in sexuality or materialism via social media, Hip Hop’s global/societal/digital worldwide influence, addressing personal relationship issues publicly, the term “relationship goals”, excessive phone usage while in a relationship & MORE.

This nearly 3 hour conversation could’ve lasted all day, but for the sake of returning back to their lives and duties, they concluded with their differences regarding SUPERIORITY VS INFERIORITY, hence the host/curator‘s, Destini’s, “Subliminal Message” printed on her shirt. Please SHARE & run the comments up.

Follow Destini Belton FB page & subscribe to “Play Your Cards Right” YOUTUBE to tune into the LIVE. 🎥 “THE CAST’s” unique individual experiences, outlooks, expertise, perspectives and thought processes collectively will take you a ride to remember. So buckle up 💪🏾 #LetYourNextMove🎲 #BeYourBestMove🎙

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