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Raising Kanan 💪🏾🎤🎶🖥📺

50 cent‘s “PartOf The Game” single from the “RAISING KANAN” soundtrack is electrifying at its finest🔥 For the lack of a better term it’s a WHOLE BOP 🔥 💪🏾🎤🎶 In the last episode of Power Book II Tariq expresses to Monét a ghost never dies; so in that case PYCR assumes Kanan has a few lives too 💪🏾

Collectively Courtney A Kemp & 50

has created an unstoppable series of highly addictive scripted television perfection. Can we anticipate a MOVIE 🎥 🍿 Who else is highly anticipating “Raising Kanan🔥💪🏾”⁉️🗣 #MondayMusic ⭐️

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