Queen of the Universe 🤰🏽 👑

Updated: Jan 19

Congratulations to DANA CHANEL & Donnell who are finally in labor showing footage of the entire pre-labor process via home and delivery room 🏥 This video from two days ago demonstrates the strength of a woman while representing the tenacity a true hustler possesses 💰 🙏🏾💪🏾‼️

Women are the queens of the universe meaning we literally give birth to every human being walking the planet 🌍 Our strength and resilience is unmatched, unparalleled yet under appreciated. DANA like many mothers across the country work until the bitter end of pregnancy. In today’s society we are required to nonetheless. Nothing will stop us for providing for our families & children BUT a contraction 😂 💯 Now take that to the bank & 🤑

________________________________________Does Dana documenting her pregnancy journey make is wish we captured ours real time BOTH men and women⁉️

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