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Peace of mind w/ @tarajiphenson ✌🏾🧠

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Taraji has openly shared over the past few episodes on “Peace Of Mind” aired on Facebook Watch the constant battle she takes on with her personal mental health. More recently she shared the story of neglecting to tell her son the truth about his father’s tragic murder 🙏🏾 Most women would understand why she’d make the initial decision instinctively to protect her son; but in the long run withholding the truth only made him question her decision making on the defining moment years later.

Fast forward episode 6 Taraji invites the witness of George Floyd’s modern day lynching to address his mental health status. Often times the men of our communities are quickly labeled criminals, thugs, and delinquents before ever addressing nor acknowledging their mental health status. Our community has accomplished the unthinkable professionally yet mental health is a battle even the intellectuals and experts within our community dare to fully educate themselves on. This platform Taraji has provided accompanied by her best friend who is a professional therapist Tracie Jade on site is WAY OVERDUE. Do you think mental health is being addressed appropriately in our culture ⁉️

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