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Owe Me by Vina Love ⭐️😍❤️🎤

Congratulations to Vina Love, Harlem’s princess, on being the first black woman to have her own label 💪🏾 Vina Love shared her signing with the world to Cinematic Music Group at Brooklyn Chop House gleaming of joy with the glow of relief because her years of hard work is paying off 🙏🏾Vina burst onto the scene five years ago releasing YOUTUBE choreographed smashes; known for remixing 90’s hits Vina introduced the younger generation to an pivotal era of Hip Hop and R&B. This triple threat has dedicated her life’s work to the arts starting as early as 2 ✌🏾💪🏾

These past few years we’ve seen Vina blossom into the magnetic, sensual yet classy super star she is today ⭐️ Here is a behind the scenes preview of her latest single “Owe Me 💰“. Is Vina speaking figuratively or literally when she sings “Owe Me, Don’t leave me lonely 😞, you were my only, boy you oweeeeeee meeee 🎤.......... PAY UP 🤩”⁉️

Lord knows you fellas are in DEBT ‼️ Let the convos begin🗣 Make sure you stream & search “Owe Me🎶🎤⭐️🔥

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