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Normalize Black Love 🖤❤️

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Normalize black love ❤️ Normalize marriage 💍 Normalize parenting 👩‍❤️‍👨 Normalize ownership 🏡 Normalize breaking cycles of poverty 💰 Normalize friendships within relationships 😊

The world within social media and YouTube has followed the Ellises’ journey from recording vlogs in a tiny Brooklyn Apartment with three “WHOLE BOYS” to manifesting their dreams on screen 📺 being interviewed on OWN TV’s “Black Love 🖤”, Devale appearing on Tyler Perry’s ”Sistas” on BET as a permanent cast member, their collective podcast achievements for the ”Dead Ass Poscast” along with their plethora of hosting opportunities 🎤 Khadeen’s strength and resilience showcasing her hospital and home birth journeys has educated mothers across the country encouraging women to advocate for themselves during pregnancy to the fullest extent; the role she plays in their partnership drives overworked and overwhelmed mothers to embrace the responsibilities as CEOS of life while serving face , body and ponytail.

Devale’s dedication to protecting and providing for his family is contributing to the idea of unlearning and disrupting irresponsibility in the black community for men who tend to run from their duties rather than RUN TO. Leading by example the Ellises’ are dynamically breaking chains of poverty and dysfunction showcasing the greatest beatitude given by the Almighty

which is LOVE ❤️ Do they encourage you to break chains & stay in love 😻 ⁉️

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