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Martin Luther King Day (Freedom To Famine)

This video demonstrates the intellect, eloquence and brilliance Martin Luther King possessed at such an early premature age. King eloquently answers the “million dollar question” many members of WHITE AMERICA and others ask pertaining to the “black struggle” communities face post slavery VERSUS other ethnic groups who migrated to the Americas.

This response is so well explained and articulated it should be studied by experts, dissected than taught in universities across nations to help explain the plight of POST CHATTEL slavery. Listen with intent to understand. Comment below with thoughts, concerns and questions. This dialogue specifically aside from “I have a DREAM” speech is the most impactful words expressed by the ICONIC leader himself in PYCR’S opinion. The segment where he explains blacks were and ARE expected to pull up straps without boots, the idea that we are merely bootlegs yet are expected to find these imaginary straps, is so poignant to the movement as a whole. Let the convos begin 🗣

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