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Some of our favorite streaming platforms like AMAZON PRIME VIDEO and NETFLIX dedicates a “BLACK HISTORY” & “BLACK FILM” selection for their members. The film “Mandigo“ was discovered on one of those selections released in 1975 which provides terribly painful insight echoing the lives of OUR ancestors submission, rebellion and inhuman suffering stricken by their slave masters in the SOUTH.

The film cover demonstrates the familiarity we face even today displayed by the GEORGE FLOYD assassination mid summer 2020. The depiction you see on the cover is a Louisiana slave master using one his set of twin slaves as a footstool to suppress an ailment. If asked “Why do you guys still talk about slavery⁉️” The answer is easy. “The wounds incurred than are still happening NOW”.

Watch as per discretion. “Mandigo” speaks to and exemplifies the historical influence chattel slavery has on SPORTS, SEXISM, GENDER ROLE STEREOTYPES, BLACK FETICHISM & MORE. #BlackHistoryMonth✊🏿 #BlackHistoryIsHappeningNow🙌🏾 Let’s educate ourselves. Once upon a time it was FATALLY FORBIDDEN. #Platform2️⃣Empower‼️ via Play Your Cards Right

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