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Legends never die 🕊🏍

March 3rd 2021 marked the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY heaven gained another angel 🕊♥️❣️🙏🏾 ”Dirk Bike James” represented LOVE, LAUGHTER, GRATITUDE and RESILIENCE in its truest form. After wrongfully serving a chunk of his adulthood in an under caste system targeting men of color, he came home picking up where he left off leading the “BIKE WORLD🏍” by storm 🌀🌀 His effortless skill, dominate charisma , magnetic personality and heart of gold put him on the forefront of the BIKE CULTURE. Although his love for bikes was evident, there was a greater love he shared with the world, who is determined to keep his legacy alive🗣

___________________________________ James’ infamous daughter, ♥️❣️💪🏾🥰 Jasmine, “Dirt Bike James”ONLY DAUGHTER, will make his story priority by constantly reminding the world of such a great loss experienced. Follow @infamous_jazz and @ghb_dirtbikejames to help continue keep his contagious memory alive🏍🕊Father, lover, uncle, brother, son, grandson, & EASTSIDE/DIRT BIKE LEGEND’s memory will be kept ALIVE & WELL 2020-and BEYOND‼️❣️ #LegendsNeverDie❤️🕊 #TheyJustGoBeforeUs❣️💯

@infamous_jazz using repost_now_app - How ironic that it’s good weather today . This would be your exact mood if you were here. A year without you is really crazy. It’s honestly still unbelievable. I look at your videos all the time and really say to myself “ no one has a dad like mine”. I really take pride in knowing that. You’re really my gangsta superhero who’s super powers were to get money and ride bikes and irk my nerves 😂 . Thanks for being the stand up and realest person to EVERYONE. The amount of love you still receive is suitable for someone as special as you. I still have my breakdowns and I still question why so soon. But you had such an impact on everyone that you’re presence is still felt.

Thanks to everyone who were GENUINELY there for me from the beginning until now. Wait until y’all see what I have in stored to continue my dad’s legacy. His story is far from finished and LEGENDS NEVER DIE.

As long as Mamabear is here your name will never fade. Love you and miss you keep resting in peace no worries I still got you ♥️🙏🏾🏍

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