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Laughter is food for the soul 😆

Charles Gardner, Harlem native also known as @_billionairemh is absolutely TOP 5 favorite of influencers who doesn’t get the credit he deserves💙 We miss “Cinnamon” bars 🎤 and can concur with all his creative content by far 💯 Billionaire’s comedic genius platform is highly necessary during a time we are conversing and concerned about our national security. Laughter is food for the soul 😆 Each happy emotion pushes you a step away from depression, anxiety, anger and doubt. Let’s not undermine the importance of our creative comedic influencers. “DEAD ASS💪🏾💯”, “Cuz at this point 🤣”

What is your NY accent giving ⁉️ Did he nail the NY ACCENT CHALLENGE⁉️

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