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BXTCH from da SOUF

Trina is known for embracing younger women into the culture she paved a way for; specifically in the SOUTH. The baddest BXTCH @trinarockstarr linked with BEST NEW ARTIST Mulatto @mulatto or shall I say BIG LATTO respectfully 🧊 💎, amplifying the impact southern female rappers have on the culture bred from the bottom of the map. Flashing back on this FRIDAY we want to reveal a snippet from their LIVE performance giving the crowd exactly what they came for “BXTCH from da SOUF 🎤 😍”.

Trina surely didn’t miss a beat & Big Latto is here to stay & compete. Which veteran well respected female artist would you like to see COLLABORATE with an upcoming solid talent keeping their foot in necks NEXT⁉️

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