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Black Privilege w/ Co Founder of Lyrically Correct Game

Tonight’s episode covered layers of Black Excellence✨ Black Love🖤, Black Privilege and the power of partnering in business💪🏾✨✊🏿 Juelz the CO-FOUNDER of @lyricallycorrectgame founded the “Hip Hop & R& B game” aside his beautiful wife, cousin and cousin in law 💍💎 If “It’s a FAMILY AFFAIR” was a business it’s name would be LYRICALLY CORRECT😂💪🏾

Throughout our conversation he dropped so many gems regarding the TRUST FACTOR, Skilled diversity, and dependability it requires to partner successfully in business.

Wagner native Juelz was privileged the opportunity to come from a foundation adamant about receiving an education, prioritizing school and being involved in extra curricular activities which steered him on the path to success despite the neighborhood influences and hurdles jumped to get to the finish line. Today he is a OMEGA PSI PHI BROTHER, Father, Husband, Professional & Entrepreneur creating his own dreams which epitomizes the idea of “BLACK PRIVELEGE described by @cthagod 💪🏾✊🏿✨

Visit to play this new hot trending card game seen played by the likes of @jimjonescapo @chrissylampkin @myfabolouslife & @emilyb_ 🤣 You are a true BROTHER to PYCR and we look forward to you continual rise to success💯 #LetYourNextMove♦️ #BeYourBestMove🎴 Go to ✍🏽📝

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