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BSides 2019

This past Friday was one of the most monumental performances headlined by Roc Nation’s Founder & HIP HOP MOGUL Shawn Carter “JAYZ”📸🎤🎶🗣 The legendary “Somehow, Someway” featured on “The BluePrint 2 Gift & A Curse” LIVE on stage remix became a CAPTION filled social media viral phenomena. The moment struck a cord with its raw, MASKED OFF , enlightened message. L🎶📸🙏🏾🙌🏾 The live band finessed their instruments orchestrating a concert like experience while HOV dedicated a freestyle to resting KING 🤴🏽 Nipsey Hussle addressing black ownership, gentrification, petty violence and capitalist ideals 💯 NYC’s Webstar Hall’s grand opening event strategically handpicked HOV to set the stage for the future of its venue’s success. 

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