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N•O•T•O•R•I•O•U•S‼️‼️‼️ Christopher Wallace’s impact on the culture shift is undeniable💪🏾 His melodic flow, effortless cadence, captivating voice, and ability to lyrically annihilate his opponents inevitably set the bar intuitively high for future rappers to compete. Notorious BIG is automatically thrown in YOUR favorite rappers TOP 5 because of his well respected influential musical contributions. Notorious BIG aka Biggie Smalls cultivated music the streets greatly appreciated, ladies abruptly danced to and labels easily sold over 10 times platinum. Although he was a first generation native Jamaican raised by an incredibly strict single mother, growing up in the heart of Brooklyn surrounded by impoverished conditions shaped and molded his perspective creating a RAWNESS in his music to convey the average daily experiences/ circumstances within the community 👂🏾 This raw footage represents his RAW unprecedented talent before access to the internet, evolution of social media and the acceptance of artificial skill set💯 There will never be another to match his legacy NOR replica of how he paved the way for the unfiltered version of HIP HOP’s artistic expression ‼️ His legacy should remind us how important it is to encourage UNITY within our culture🗣 #TheLegendsDieSoYoung🙏🏾 How can we influx the community with positivity to avoid these tragic reoccurrences going forward⁉️ #LetTheConvosBegin‼️🙏🏾 #Platform2️⃣Empower🗣 Via Play Your Cards Right 

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