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The Alec

The ALEC is composed of lobbyists who write laws for politicians. Although they proclaim to be a bipartisan organization, most of the members are REPUBLICANS who can afford a $7,000 to $25,000 annual fee to participate in secretive meetings & voting in efforts to receive tax breaks. 👂🏾 98 PERCENT of Alec’s revenues come from sources like CORPORATIONS. ALEC have pushed initiatives & wrote laws like “3 STRIKES YOUR OUT” “Mandatory Minimum Sentences”, (passed by Bill Clinton) pushed to privatize (in order to MONETIZE) parole/probation, plans to suggest GPS ankle bracelets for parolees to enforce surveillance tactics, as well as, SUPPORT partnerships between PRISONS & PRIVATE COMPANIES exploiting PRISON LABOR (Including JC PENNY, VICTORIA SECRETS, UNICOR, MICROSOFT, IDAHO POTATOES just to name a few.) VICTORIA SECRET & JCPENNY switch suppliers once their partnership came to light 💡 They have also supported “Prison Privatization” like CCA(Corrections Corporation Of America) who housed immigrant families including children, with the use of an innovative bill titled SB1070. SB1070 gave police the right to stop anyone who looked like an immigrant in Arizona near the border. The financial gain from this law benefited any CCA member with its 11 million dollar monthly profit off the backs of federally housed immigrants detained in terrible criminalistic conditions. Due to aggressive exposure many companies have detached themselves from Alec’s membership including WALMART. Walmart’s family is reportedly still funding the organization. So, with that basic information shared, is it fair to say most of these industries whether FOOD, INDUSTRIAL, RETAIL, ELECTRONIC, INSURANCE, PRIVATE, PUBLIC, or FASHION have a blatant disregard for OUR STRUGGLE, PLIGHT FOR ECONOMIC REJUVENATION OR SYSTEMATIC WELL BEING⁉️ How do we CALL TO ACTION for all the above⁉️ Is it realistically possible to CALL TO ACTION for all of the above⁉️ Or do we simply focus on the obvious and allow the subtle disrespect to continue ⁉️ Cc @troubleman31 @tamikadmallory ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏽 #LetTheConvosBegin🗣 #Platform2️⃣Empower💯 

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