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Call to Action (Gucci, Prada & Moncler)

Who’s ready to DO THE WORK necessary to demand RESPECT ⁉️ In particular OUR CULTURE are the #1 consumers so WE expect and DESERVE the decency of RESPECT & fair treatment💯🙌🏾 Sadly we’ve seen these kinds of “Calls To Action” in the past. There have been brands in the past WE support yet they failed to reciprocate the same enthusiastic energy. Michael Jordan 👟 has admitted to manufacturing his sneakers for NON- BLACKS. 😫 Tommy Hilfiger & Timbaland has openly expressed similar sentiments; yet our dollars 💵 continually support their revenue sales. In more recent updates, the genius @ava presented a film 🎞 called “13th amendment” which is HIGHLY INSPIRING, RECOMMENDED & COMPELLING🙌🏾💪🏾 13th Amendment exposes the untruthful tale of the supposedly “American Democracy”. During the film experts dissect various truths disguised by conniving, manipulative, oppressive, political force that have yet to address SYSTEMIC OPPRESSION/RACISM empathetically. Although the 13th amendment bill was written with the intention to abolish slavery, there’s a HUGE LOOP HOLE 🕳, which includes the exempt of individuals convicted of committing crimes AKA as CRIMINALS. Post emancipation of 4 million slaves in December of 1865, the southern economy abruptly crashed leaving the nation in a state of desperation. Blacks were criminalized, sabotaged, killed & lynched. Throughout history our leaders have been KILLED, EXILED OR IMPRISONED by political leaders and presidential force leaving us vulnerable. Mass incarceration heightened since the early 1970s increasing from 300,000 to nearly 2.4 million since the war on drugs was rigorously implemented, TARGETING blacks in inner city communities suffering from poverty, economic disenfranchisement and drug addiction. One of the examples used to expose the continual “Criminal Black Man” portrayal was the assassination of Trayvon Martin; and the “Stand Your Ground Law” supported his murderer’s defense plea; which was a Florida law stating you can kill someone if you felt threatened. ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) a non profit political organization (private club including politicians and corporations) wrote the law. CONT 

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