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2019 Oscar Jubilee 🏆

Flashing back lets acknowledge some of PYCR’s favorite “ACADEMY” moments 🎞 🏆 Sunday February 29th 2019 the OSCAR AWARD CEREMONY honored movies released in 2018. The 91ST ANNUAL ACADEMY AWARDS shockingly increased their inclusivity by awarding more African American actors in ONE NIGHT than over the course of a century. It’s safe to assume @jadapinkettsmith vocal boycott a few years back expressing the LACK OF DIVERSITY during this eventful evening reshaped their approach towards who is acknowledged and awarded in the future award shows. This year’s “Academy of Motion Picture Arts 🎭 & Sciences” addresses our communities sentiments effectively by accrediting a variety of artists from different walks of life, ethnicities and backgrounds than previous years. Congratulations to @iamreginaking for winning “Best Supporting Actress” in “If Beale Street Could Talk 🗣” 🎞🏆, @therealruthecarter won “Best Costume Design” for “Black Panther” 🎞🏆; @mahershalaali accepted the award for “Best Actor in a supporting role” for the screenplay “Green Book” 🎞🏆, #HannahBeachler also received her first Academy Award for “Production Design” in “Black Panther”🎞🏆, and last but certainly not least, by far arguably the well deserved, yet overdue @officialspikelee delivers an intensifying epic speech while receiving the Academy Award for “ Best Writing ✍🏽 (Adapted Screenplay) in “BlackkKlansman 🙌🏾 🏆🎞 Of course concluding the acceptance speech Spike slid in a famous slogan which represents his first screen play addressing stereotypical racial tension in the heart of Brooklyn “Do The Right Thing”.  Essentially Spikes message was strategically pre-written to address the climate of this country and prepare the nation to “DO THE RIGHT THING” in the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election 🗳 That’s the defintion of “Seizing the Moment🙌🏾‼️🙏🏾🗣🏆” Overall the acceptance speeches were heartfelt, genuine, personal and truly inspiring 💪🏾 Were we satisfied with the nominations and winners⁉️ Do we believe Black Panther 🐆 was snubbed of “Best Screenplay”⁉️ Or do we agree with the Academy’s “checks & balances” approach ⁉️ Let the convos begin🗣 #WeSupportOurOwn⭐️💪🏾🙌🏾🏆🙏🏾 

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