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There’s a void being filled in our culture infiltrated by senseless content by one of South Bronx’s own @iammikekuwan with thought provoking choruses like “See I’m just tryna get to heaven my nikka/I’m just tryna get to heaven my nikka/ & I hope that I make it”🙏🏾His substantiating lyrics like “Thought I knew some nikkas real well/ Until they showed me another sign that I ain’t see than that ship sailed 🚢/I’m not gunna lie it broke my heart cus it ain’t sit well/But I had to ride with these waves like a fish tail” walks you through his experiences bar by bar🗣 A personal PYCR fav quoted in the introductory line of a track called “Only Speak The Real🎙🗣🎤” “I’m on a mission to stack it for real/That sour diesel I’m bagging it still/ I know some killers there’s a reason I’m strapped with the steel ‼️” cinematically captured by @upstategroove Productions, forces the viewers to brace themselves for a powerful experience 💥 “Don’t fold stay in tun my nikka, cuz you the elephant in the room my nikka💪🏾‼️🗣🎶🎤” as per Mike Kuwan “Emotionless” freestyle is an easily relatable sentiment to anyone aspiring for greatness🙌🏾.🗣Mike’s humility and positive energy creates such an organic vibe wherever he graces his presence‼️💯 During “The Survival Session” Episode via @playyourcardsright_ Mike explains the definition of “Elephant in The Room” so eloquently; along with willingly participating in trivia games, being transparent when unveiling details pertaining his UPBRINGING, HARDSHIPS & OBSTACLES overcome 🙏🏾 and giving his input surrounding the idea of “Reversing Mass Incarceration 🗣”. STREAM “SURVIVAL” on all platforms ‼️🗣🎶🎼🎤🎙 His commitment to grinding for the advancement of his family to share his blessings is an inspiration within itself.  

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