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“Self Hate Or Hate Crime🙌🏾”

Almost a month ago, January 29th 2019, @jussiesmollett reported a hate crime via Chicago Police 911 Emergency Dispatch 🚔 Jussie claimed he was bleached, beaten and strangled with a noose by attackers screaming “Make America Great Again‼️” After a vigor investigation conducted by the Chicago Police Department in conjunction with community efforts and FBI a grand jury confession revealed a shocking plot twist. 2 weeks of in depth interviewing over 100 possible witnesses, reviewing over 30 cameras, speaking with drivers who were discovered to be the “persons of interests” (alleged assailants) transportation and holding the alleged attackers for a 48 hour hold led to Jussie converting from a VICTIM to a DEFENDANT According to the Chicago Police Superintendent “Eddie Johnson”, after the 47th hour of holding the two Nigerian brothers who were allegedly framed as the original attackers, they participated as full witnesses to disclose the orchestrated attack on behalf of Jussie Smollet’s “PLOT FOR SUCCESS”‼️😫 A check made out to the Nigerian brothers for $3500 and $500 on the return was a vital piece of convincing evidence which determined the credibility of their stories. Today Jussie turned himself in as suggested by the Chicago PD to appear at a bond court hearing. Although he was released on bond his passport was taken to prevent a flight risk. Chicago PD, specifically Eddie Johnson, says his shameful acts are unfair to victims suffering from real violent/hate crimes. He also blames Jussie for “smearing the name of Chicago” by shining a negative light on its city with his selfish antics. Jussie is being charged with a FELONY CRIME. So many questions‼️ Where do we begin⁉️ Do we believe the story given by the brothers⁉️ Are the checks and hate crime letter sent to Empire a week prior the alleged stage crime enough evidence to condemn Jussie⁉️ Do these crimes warrant the consequences⁉️ If these updated allegations are true can we forgive Jussie if he comes forth with reason behind his acts⁉️ Is this an unforgivable scenario⁉️ Finally do we agree with the Superintendent when he states Jussie has smeared Chicago’s reputation ⁉️ Let the convos begin🗣 

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