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“Heavy On The Boss Talk🗣”

In a city where the estimated population averages 8,622,698 million civilians (Manhattan specifically 1,664,727), superseding almost 6x’s the density and population a competitor’s city like Atlanta houses; which is arguably HIP HOP’s main source of influence and success, how are WE setting ourselves apart ⁉️ Dynamic duo , @ceoofmadmoneyrecords & @bayescobar_703 sets themselves apart by creating their own slang, for example terms like “Alvigggghhttt💪🏾🍕”, the artist rocks a funkadelic colored dreadlock while humming lyrics immersed in struggle and more importantly orchestrating their own image/buisness 💼 These two joined forces to independently run 🏃🏾 & fund 💵 their own label “Mad Money Records” (Acronym stands for MOTIVATION/AUTHENTIC/DEDICATION) for starters. While many are eager to get signed by a label, Bigs (CEO) and Bay (Artist) collectively decided to manifest their destiny through brotherhood, diligence, consistency, creativity and innovation❗️ Most of us are chasing chicken 🍗, but MAD MONEY RECORDS would rather a slice of that 🍕. Either way they are getting to the cheese to stack up there bread for a better future💥 #WeSupportOurOwn💪🏾

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