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“Dear Fat Girl”

Accentuating, embracing and presenting CURVES all 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣🙌🏾❗️👑💚 There is POWER in CONFIDENCE❗️💯 With confidence exudes SEXY 😛 Family of PYCR @thebgarrett_ THE BRAND, THE INFLUENCER, THE MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, THE DOUBLE DEGREE 📜 GRADUATE 🎓, THE EDUCATOR, is originally a girl from the BRONX determined to engrave her future with ethical accomplishments despite her past adversities💪🏾 Some may define her GLOW UP as lucky 🍀, but prayer supersedes fate 🙌🏾 The faith instilled in her as a child has shaped her approach towards striving for greatness and leading others to discover their TRUE PURPOSE🙌🏾 PYCR is rooting from the sidelines for the FOUNDER of @dearfatgirl_ while she struts all CURVY STUFF at NYFW runways 👠 How many of us can say we have family members who have BEAT THE ODDS, started businesses, & influenced others while continuing to live in their TRUE PURPOSE⁉️ Let the conversations begin🗣 #QueensRecognizeQueens🙌🏾👑 #ThePlatform2️⃣Empower💯💯 

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