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“I Am Trayvon✊🏾”

Before the BLACK MAN is feared and deemed as a NATIONAL THREAT, he is nothing more than a precious little black boy🙌🏾💙 Trayvon, your legacy lives on through the eyes of boys growing into young men; and the lens of parents raising boys in the oppressed “DIVIDES STATES OF AMERICA😫” trying their hardest to save them from the condemnation of oppression 💯 The travesty of your experience, and those alike, continues to change the climate of OUR CULTURE🙏🏾🙌🏾 How does the Trayvon Martin story influence our lives or the lives of those dear to you ⁉️ Has it impacted our thought process pertaining stereotypical stigmas⁉️ Will it address the way way we handle or view stigmas ⁉️Are we more ware and cautious of racial bias⁉️Or could care less ⁉️ Let the conversations begin 🗣 #HappyBirthdayTrayvonMartin👑 

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