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What’s Free⁉️

SLOW PROGRESS is better than NO PROGRESS🙌🏾💯 As a community of entertainers and achievers there is a RESPONSIBILITY to take action where injustices are prevalently obvious🗣 Earlier this week JAYZ & @meekmill collectively stood on the FRONT LINE to address the most prominent issue in OUR COMMUNITY which is PRISON REFORM💪🏾 Cc: @reform Within ANY CULTURE men are the PROTECTORS of the tribe; yet AMERICA, which imprisons civilians 1000 percent more than any nation (disproportionately BLACK/LATINO MEN) have stripped the CORE foundation from our communities leaving neighborhoods shell shocked, broken and left behind ‘for the lack of a better term’.😱 Anyone familiar with the probation/parole infrastructure understands while it employs some, it indefinitely destroys others❗️💯🗣 The system wasn’t formulated to assist with educational resources, job placement, mental health referrals, transportation stipends, family counseling, career/resume building or housing assistance (which are the core necessities to truly REHABILITATE a former prisoner); essentially the design and infrastructure is MICROMANAGING in efforts to REFILL the prison cells keeping CO’s, JUDGES & PRISON staff employed. Furthermore, to legally enslave the oppressed and underserved while building “Fortune 500” companies on the backs of those suffering from unjust prison sentences. This call for duty is NECESSARY; and I’d argue the MISSION of SUPERVISION with the use of parole/probation has to be completely REVAMPED & RESTRUCTURED to benefit the lives of those suffering from institutionalization & PTSD caused by imprisonment( solitary confinement, gang violence, rape, food poisoning, questionable healthcare etc.). REFORM = ( Rehabilitation Especially Fighting Oppression Reaching Mass Majority) Acronym created by @iamurdestini #WhatsFree⁉️ How many of us have taken on the role of a Probation/Parole officer IF they actually utilized their acquired degrees to DO GREAT WORK assisting former prisoners acclimating back into society 🙋🏽‍♀️⁉️ How many of us have visited our family members or friends PO to advocate on their behalf ⁉️ Let’s address all parties involved within the criminal justice system❗️ 

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