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Revolt, Revamp, REFORM❗️

Although OUR CULTURE is the most vividly objectifying towards WOMEN specifically shown in the genre of HIP HOP (which transcends to the community influencing each and every generation); WOMEN continue to support, love & FIGHT for OUR BROTHERS relentlessly💯💪🏾 Shift the PRIDE, EGO & “LOCKER ROOM TALK” aside, lives are at stake; and communities are being infiltrated with disparity, hopelessness, and insecurity. Speaking as the daughter of a federally indicted convicted felon, this FIGHT is bigger than the surface❗️ It affects generations to come🙌🏾 Let the conversations begin 🗣🗣🗣🗣 #REFORM= Rehabilitation Especially Fighting Oppression Reaching Mass Majority 🖊 @iamurdestini 

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