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Melii is “Wit The Shxts” (Harlem On The Rise)

PYCR is proudly ANNOUNCING East Harlem’s Songstress/Writer/Lyricist @melii as the Premiere WCW of 2019😍🔊 East Harlem has birthed Legendary Hip Hop Group “Dipset”, Music Mogul Dame Dash, rappers Dave East, Tru Life, and R&B singer Lumidee; yet there hasn’t been a WOMAN from the East Side of Harlem to sustain a reputable following thus far TRULY impacting the culture.💯 It’s safe to say Melii has proven to fill that void by gaining respect from local artists, credible labels like “Interscope” (which she is signed to), to add, influential musical sensations such as RIHANNA & Meek Mill. The rarity of discovering an artist that possesses the “IT FACTOR” makes it challenging for labels, managers, A&Rs and industry execs to push the START BUTTON on aspiring careers; incredibly Melii has effortlessly dominated her competition embodying raspy melodic vocals, rocking a signature curly bob, while serving SLIM THICK on a platter🍴Her Latina influence contributes to her MASS APPEAL incorporating bilingual bars encouraging diversity🗣 She began DRIPPING HER SAUCE on IG creating freestyles with the @younggxds logo in the background accompanied by the cutest enlarged TEDDY BEAR. Gradually those freestyles transitioned to YouTube 🖥 The sensational “Bodak Yellow” cover grasped attention of DJ ENUFF, Funk Master Flex, local legendary radio stations and competing labels. Her caption ready singles were REPOST HEAVY📲 Whispering “None Of You Bitches Important” (personal favorite) on “Balling” 🏀 or pulsating hooks reminding girls “You Bitches don’t like me/Your baby daddy keep me Icey” on the “ICEY” track picked up HEAVY TRACTION 💎 Her official “Breakthrough” is arguably a feature on Meek’s CHAMPION album “Wit The Shits”🙌🏾 Can this girl get any hotter? PYCR believes so❗️I’m patiently waiting for her warm up to finish so the game can begin 💪🏾 Personally representing EAST HARLEM I OVERSTAND the GRIND, DETERMINATION and FEARLESS attitude it takes to chase your dreams; so salute to a young queen staying focus to FINESSE and ensure that dream comes to fruition💪🏾❗️Are we here for this TRIPLE THREAT Latina sensation⁉️ Does she represent the NEW R&B⁉️ Let the convos begin🗣 

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