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Premiere “Couple Of The Week” for PYCR featuring Casanova & JaZzy♥️

Here at “Play Your Cards Right” we are going to start off with “Couple Of The Week 💏 Why not kick it off with some AUTHENTICITY mixed with SWAG‼️👌🏾😍💋 Fellas are you afraid to showcase your lady on social media ⁉️ Or for whatever reason choose not to 😙 Ladies are WE pressed if our man does or DOESNT post us on a WCW or 2️⃣⁉️ Does the idea of showing love via social media posts solidify(Make or break) the core of your relationship 🙌🏾 Let’s the games begin 🎲 What’s the vibes y’all 🗣🗣🗣 @casanova_2x @swaggy.jazzy_2x thank you for INSPIRING couples to show ❤️ on and off the GRAM💋💯‼️😍 #DontLetThatGoOverYourHeads💯 #CasanovaVoice💯🙌🏾 #BlackLoveMatters💙❤️💪🏾🙌🏾 

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