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“Miss America” is Black🥰❤️❗️💥 🗽

A few months back @theburntpopcornshow raised a few solid questions and concerns regarding the REPRESENTATION of beautiful black women in media and entertainment‼️⭐️👩🏽 & one of the main concerns were whether black women of lighter hues are treated better or favored over darker women ‼️ HISTORICALLY the answer is clear cut, YES‼️ But is that narrative changing ⁉️ Thank you for sparking such a great controversial topic that seems to be unaddressed for the sake of disagreement and/or complacency🙌🏾 Catching the bitter end of the Miss America Pageant Sunday night, was a clear revelation WE are here to THRIVE & STAY no matter the complexion in 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣💪🏾 & hopefully ALL black women will be able to appreciate, embrace , compliment and respect our differences to build a stronger unity & diffuse this infectious “Willie Lynch” psyche. The last 5 contestants majority were minority(3 specifically African American Women). Miss New York’s (Nia Franklin) GLOW, INTELLECT, RADIANCE, TALENT(classical opera singer) & undeniable beauty was a predictable EASY WIN❤️😍😘🙌🏾👑 Thank you America for proving us right💯 SB: This year was the 1️⃣st pageant competition WITHOUT the SWIM SUIT 👙 category 😳 Do we think the “ME TOO” movement or the state we are in as WOMEN collectively empowering our thoughts and actions TODAY had any significance behind this decision⁉️ Are we excited MISS AMERICA is globally breaking barriers by who & what she represents ⁉️ Or do we care less 😫 Or we even here for the pageant industry 🤔 Let the conversations begin 🗣 @missamerica #BlackGirlsRock⭐️ #NewYorkGirlsReign💯💪🏾👑 

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