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“Couple Of The Week” Featuring A Boogie & Slay Bella♥️

Back at it again 💥 “Couple of the Week” is snagged by the gorgeous @slaybyella_ & the undeniably talented @artisthbtl 😍💪🏾👨‍👩‍👧 A family that slays together & prays together will eventually STAY together 💯 Thank you Boogie for inspiring young brothers like yourself , especially from the inner city to be GREAT fathers while thriving as a hip hop superstar on the rise‼️💥👌🏾 While most are concerned with “IMAGE” you are brave enough to repeatedly show off your “partner in love” via Instagram and music videos 👑‼️ That type of love is rare 💙❤️ Thanks Ella for leading by example thriving as an entrepreneur while juggling motherhood 👸🏼 Ladies is it important to establish your own although your dude is clearly a BREADWINNER💪🏾‼️??? Fellas is it equally important for your woman to grind or do you prefer her to stay out the spotlight ⁉️❗️❕ Let the CONVOS begin 🗣🗣🗣 

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