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"Mother After All"

Dedicated solely to my pre designed , handcrafted , non reshapeable, irreplaceable, little angels cast down from heaven above, thank you for making me a mother after all‼️❤️💕 Thank you for all the dark nights deprived of sleep,  I couldn’t of imagined any other being cuddled in between sheets ,  Thank you for the laughter you inevitably bring,  On my coldest mornings and cloudiest days, you warm my heart with glee😀 Thank you for the minor scratches left from your growing touch , The pain withstood on each limb allows me to store memories of each unique clutch ‼️ By l  The giggles & wiggles of fingers and toes  LORD knows his creation is magnificently bold  Their created with the precision of perfection , each limb softly caressed with tender fickle rubs.....  Thank you for for igniting superpowers I didn’t knew exist ,  The ability to possess skills than apply to finesss ,  For instance mothering consists of teaching , nursing, mentoring, exploring, adventuring, listening, protecting, leading, healing , entertaining, guiding and defending  into HIS divine glory ........  The positions I obtain , a hiring source would barely   afford me. What other species on this planet can assume since duties? Literally your presence has given me the experience of a teacher/principle, nurse , mentor , explorer, adventurer, therapist, officer , spiritual leader/role model, doctor, entertainer, guidance counselor, and defense lawyer .........  Who wouldn’t adore you ? You’ve defined my purpose here in this dynamic field of life‼️To plant a seed watch it grow and bloom beautifully and flourish so ripe ‼️ The trails , tribulation and struggled are undermined ; because when I look in those infectious bright eyes I come to a realization your mine oh mine !  Yes I own the bragging rights!!!! Your stamped sealed and a copyright !  So on this Mother’s Day cheers to your existence , your presence has done nothing short but uplifted.... My spirits, hope, faith, determination , idea of love; while Dismissing every inch of my flaws...... They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!!! Each gaze in my eye you stare with such poise, grace and awe!!!!  .....  Happily surprised that GOD has created me to care for you, Which constantly reminds me , despite the doubt and insecurities I’m truly beautiful 😍😀 What is less than a flaw pierces deep within, creates a beat in my heart, rhythmic to the ear!!! Captures my soul like a mate in its significance.....  Along with the wind I pray you follow its path to righteousness to reap all the benefits of the universe  Because of you I can complete my fulfillment on this earth !  If granted the opportunity I’d go on a Grand tour, to simply how thankful & grateful I truly am , for making me a mother after all!!!!!  Happy Mother’s Day to all🙏🏾💯❤️‼️💙😍😘

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