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Mr, 2018!!

Mr. 2018, Beginning this new year I’ve learned that what I yearn for is the intangible , non materialistic, invaluable necessities, such as: Peace, primarily. Those people places and things that come along with negative energy will be directed to exit left. I will not provide a stage for their presence. With three human beings to support, care for and adore, the last thing I can afford is the devil in disguise upon my front door. Luring like a stray cat uninvited awkward in its stance. Spreading like an infectious virus I’m desperately preventing to catch. After all I have to stay well for the wealth and health of their stability . I plead for tranquility and rebuke misery’s sin. Instead , My heart desires to be surrounded by humble spirits , laugh with generous hearts, engage in faithful romance while gazing at a shooting star? Is this journey too far fetched to embark ? Secondly, I demand respect at its highest peak. Security in the understanding that those I invest time and effort will reciprocate that return on investment. Honoring our relationship as if it were a badge with three stripes. Taking into consideration my insecurities, weaknesses ; likes and dislikes. Consideration is my full request and all those considered, when committed will result in such a significant action which is called respect. Furthermore , love and happiness is what I’m ultimately longing for. Love is the verb that produces the noun; which is happiness’ throne upon its largest cloud. These virtuous deeds don’t require a monetary promise. Just a diligent effort with Christ’s strength can be accomplished. With much love, happiness respect and peace, Yours Truly , Destini Shanice !!!!!

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