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Oh LORD, I'm full of THANKS "2017"

Oh Lord, You have showered your blessings since the moment I was conceived..... Blooming inside of my mothers womb, your imagination stroked like an artists' brush on a painting, stitching every inch of my human creation ! You perfected my image in your likeness, molded my soul to seek enlightenment, carrying my weight so I can utilize your truth & guidance! Oh Lord, Forgive me for any indiscretions, negating my blessings...... Underestimating what you have destined for manifesting & neglecting my true destiny ...... Your forgiveness is unwavering, the favor you provide on an every day basis, is sweet & savory..... Oh Lord, Continually you save me from the enemy trying to devour , by sending your angels to travel by my side hour after hour ...... What have I done to deserve such gifts? Your empowering commitment has woven each survival tactic..... Simplicity is taken for granted such as being able to absorb air so crisp, bend and twist ligaments only you can create without a hitch, sight to explore such colorful seasons nature lies ahead ...... Family thick with love rich as honey , the kind that fills your soul with wealth without a dime Nickel or penny ........ Oh Lord I’m full of thanks you manufactured my heart with rhythmic beats unique: so when I fail to acknowledge you remind of what’s awaiting , golden gates to the entryway of eternity 🙌🏾

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