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"Diary 2 my UNBORN"

Although you can't be seen,

Nor be touched

I know you were conceived,

From furthermore than lust

In this wicked world that's cold & corrupt,

I'll keep you warm, strong and safely tucked

You’re a pure mist from a miracle,

A gift from up above

I prayed for you! Dance, wrote, sang for you

I ask myself, will you be the one to teach me the definition of real authentic unfiltered unconditional love?

I hear ignorant conversions,

Snickers about your complexion & tone,

While they gossip along,

I pray, meditate, your healthy,

Stealthy & form all your lil fingers/toes......

All my woes, sorrows, fears and concerns.....

Subconsciously I wonder if you’re my KARMA,

Will you become a better version of myself!

Will I live vicariously thru you?

Because my dreams weren't as vivid & misconstrued!

Or have faith the LORD will GUIDE,

Subscribe the path you are destined to!!!

In hindsight, the ultimate reason I was given life,

Was to breed and support yours.

May GOD create you in HIS image & likeness,

Perfection and very few flaws!

Your father desired and dreamt for your arrival,

Over a decade and years on end!

Can you believe you’re the 2nd accomplishment yet our 1st attempt?

According to daddy none of your wishes, wants or desires are exempt.

You’re the reason we breathe!

Working diligently to achieve the blessings we need to assist you in succeeding!

To our unborn, "Elana" a conjunction of Eric Alan with a girlie twist!

The initial moment I witness

you open your eyes and nibble on your wrist!

Will be the day your father and I will truly cherish......

With all the love in the WORLD,


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