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"Diary 2 my TWINS"

Diary 2 my TWINS:

Unable to fathom, even more difficult to imagine, this journey has redefined what is miraculous. Two conceived simultaneously, without a charm of luck, just the LORD's destiny and a heavenly touch.

As the weeks pasted, and your limbs grew, each ultrasound made these vast emotions anew. TWO, LORD Jesus in my womb there's really two! Fighting for room yet bonding so soon. Your flutters, kicks, cries and moves inside; while Elana pushes tugs, walks, talks and thrives awaiting this sudden surprise. Mommy can't deny the connection already formed. She prays you two and your sister will take over the world by storm. Thanking him for his GRACE, excelling with straight A's, chasing all the dreams you desire to reach. TWO for one deal a package most usually begs for. Two for daddy to teach soft, basket, volley and football ....... TWO to support one another while in school or at the corner store, know you were created to catch one another if he falls. Daddy kept mentioning a boy a few years after Elana, well I should say a little early in her toddlers, now he has two double the love, double the laughter which is 2x’s the KARMA. Triple the beats set in our hearts. Elana was the kick starter. Eric and Anthony 3 years later which isn't too far apart. Our duty is to guide protect and pray for your discernment. Bullies, with you three, huh, isn't too concerning. lol You have changed our lives for the better never for worse. This gift wrapped in twin boys and a girl, pink and blue bows, is something a bill can't purchase, or can be google searched. It's simply heaven sent, each chin, giggle and grin. Eric Jr. and Anthony D., daddy and I are the wings to your wind. Our princes and princess. Our love for you is unwavering, unconditional an inevitable commitment. With love, always & forever MOMMY

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