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"A Mother's Love 2017"

Incomparable , uncompromising, unselfish , sacrificial , the most genuine and sincere at heart, is simply a MOTHERS ❤️ The Innate ability to accomplish the inevitable even at the height of discouragement, abandonment, financial instability , continuous heartbreak, multitudes of disappointment, the fear of lack of progression; yet throughout all the doubt , insecurities and pain, you manage to turn trials into triumph exemplifying only a skill manifested by a woman! Perseverance through plight and pain to create an attribute displayed by visible actions. Happiness ! Happiness simplified by deeds so minut. Like a smile delivered because of the sounds of joyous sirens during an after school Mr. Softee stop which makes your heart melt as the ice cream melts and you sneak in a lick! Gratitude in abundance when the unwilling thought of awakening is awakened by a tender voice mumbled by "Good morning Mommy" which makes all the sadness suddenly suppress within moments ...... The pride of Accomplishment when your able to fuel your child's soul with a plate made full of love and grandmas traditional unmeasured seasoning , hearing the response full of "Thank You's" followed by a few "Yums". Fulfillment in the responsibility of being a mother is immeasurably the most gratifying sentiment in existence. Reflecting upon that first moment you discovered an angel was to be expected; into experiencing his/her growth in the womb undisturbed by a kick, nudge, punch or fold ........ Fast forward to the baby's first steps, words and entry of independence when it's time to start school ..... Witnessing each moment makes motherhood worth all the sacrifices , pain, love, laughs, disappointments, lonely nights, cries, sobs, regrets and worries less of a burden...... More of blessing!!!!! GOD bless all the mothers struggling to count out the burden of being another human beings sole dependent, to instead soak up the blessing presented by GOD to mold another sole made by HIS image and likeness to lead in HIS will and gracefulness. Continue to live for HIM, your children and try your best to make your soul healing a priority for the benefit of the family. Your light love and courage will only inspire , encourage and enlighten those around you. So continue to let your light shine bright , illuminating thought , provoking love and exonerating strength ! Happy Mother's Day from a mother whose journey has only begin.......

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