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Journey To Freedom

Certain life experiences leave a permanent brand or tattoo on your heart, mind & soul that heavily influence changes in behavior, thought, actions; and today's visit to the "Smithsonian National Museum Of African Museum " in the nation's capital sparked an interest lingering in my heart to pursue a life fulfilled with knowledge, creativity, information, growth, love, education, faith & non biased humanity...... Most historical illustrations painted toward racial inequality focus on COLOR; but there's so much more that contributed to pain and suffering West Africans kidnapped from different regions of their homeland experienced the 1400's like greed, power, and economical status‼️ LEARNING that DISEASE was the main cause of death during that slaughterhouse voyage to the Americas, Caribbean and even Britain, speaks volumes on their WILL POWER to remain HUMAN. The strength, tenacity, and courage of those kidnapped human beings possessed is a compelling story within itself‼️ Before the African slave trade bondage was temporary; but this fairly new lucrative enforcement strikingly resulted in dehumanizing a nation physically, mentally, culturally, spiritually, and psychologically; resulting in today's dismay of unfortunate turmoil, distress, violence, depression and misunderstanding of particularly people of different colors to date. Nearly 200 years after slavery WHITENESS was created to marginalize, politicize, and label all Negroes from different backgrounds, cities , states, colonies, and nationalities as BLACK. Reflecting upon consistent conversations with my father, I understood the disconnect "African Americans or blacks" ESPECIALLY experience culturally because of the historical molestation; but to witness a timeline, NOW 2017 personally, left a heavy burden on my heart beyond explanation‼️ Exhaustively when OUR community undermine Obama's role as 44th president, it rips a hole in my spirit, and I feel obligated to OBJECT as if I am judge slamming HER gavel, because after all the suffering we can't even acknowledge he is the plight of CHANGE, FREEDOM & LIBERATION. The journey to true liberal freedom and equality is a daily struggle but the journey has PROGRESSED‼️ From trading goods to humans, humans to ideas we SHALL TRULY OVERCOME some day; but the acknowledgement of progression is necessary to continue to fight for forwardness especially TODAY. What will YOU, I, US, WE do to repeat and or follow the foot steps our slave ancestors, black panther leaders, civil rights leaders, freedom riders(BLACK & WHITE), do to provoke forward movement and change; instead of blaming a PRESIDENT or any other elected official by that matter will we take a stance?Can we withstand the pressure our ancestors have which includes sacrificing our families, jobs, time, mind, body and peace ⁉️ Is our freedom TODAY as substantial as our detrimental past events that we are willing to UNITE, fight, educate ourselves, embrace truth and encourage education ⁉️ Passing information to the next generation is just as significant as physical entities. Will we prepare ourselves , our families and loves ones to stay Informed , put down the bottles , the weed ,the alcohol or any other demonic VICES and pick up a book a BIBLE, or

a pen? Will we intrigue constructive conversations , create forums of expression including all ages, education backgrounds, races and perspectives ⁉️It's up to US and WE owe it TO THEM

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