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Farewell Obama

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU‼️ For your intellect, poise, grace, integrity, humor, humanity, courage & leadership. Furthermore thank you for inspiring young black men and women, boys and girls, to dream way far beyond "THE EXPECTATION". Leaders who preceded your lifetime, whether radical or religious, peaceful or aggressive, dreamed , envisioned, fought, died, prayed, & sacrificed their livelihoods, families and sanity for this AMERICAN DREAM to come into fruition; that's why I never took your stance lightly‼️ Right, wrong or indifferent you represent CHANGE..... Change doesn't define equality which many misconstrue; but it opens the minds and hearts of those content with tradition ...... & BROTHER the way you adore, love & admire your wife, I only pray young black men are inspired to treat their wives, who ultimately are the rocks, nurturers, & mothers of the universe just as freely, openly, unapologetic-ally and enthusiastically as you treat Michelle. Prayerfully they'll unequivocally match the compassion and respect you convey towards unions shared with their significant others and/or partners; which will only reflect positively on our families within our communities. If I had the pleasurable opportunity to engage in conversation with you, share ideas, and/or ask multiple questions, a question that takes priority would be , "Mr. Obama, would you agree or 'second' the idea that the loss of your mother's physical being ignite that spark and lightning between you and Michelle⁉️ Does she fill that void⁉️" This demonstration of admiration for your wife, your children, vice president and other loved ones, not to mention your integral contributions and efforts put forth during your presidency, is a great display of a representation that fails to proceed OUR reputation!!! You are the epitomized example of the DREAM! The "GAG" is (KeKe Palmer voice) I was woke and alive to visualize, experience and speak on it. Although many of us PREFERRED to see front line results affecting the black community, HEALTH IS WEALTH, and with that affordable act providing over 18 million Americans below the poverty income level free healthcare, I'd say your reform was a targeted clever decision. Those informed know on the back end you have solidified opportunities but it may take years for us to feel the affect. In conclusion I am grateful for your attributions. Witnessing this compelling moment you chose to dedicate to your wife, OUR FIRST LADY, it proves BOYS show affection behind closed doors, MEN show it in front of the WORLD. These last 8 years been the realest!!!!

Sincerely, Destini aka Desi Ma

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