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Father Stretch My Hands

Monday November 21st Kanye West, many know to man as YE or better yet Yeezy, one of the most influential , talented , gifted , musical geniuses (a person who is exceptionally intelligent or creative, either generally or in some particular respect) whom contributed not only to himself push starting his career; but accelerating some of our favorite artists of today & yesterday's era by adding value to their art through innovative , dynamic, creative production assets, finally reached his breaking point when his doctor called 911 emergency on behalf of the musician's willingness to address his abnormal behavior. Reportedly he checked himself in as "JIM JONES" according to several urban media blogs followed by his admission. Jim Jones chimed in the reported conversation via IG adding humor to reports and actually gained a kick out of it claiming he'd used Kanye's name to return the gesture for monetary expeditious reasons. Nevertheless Kanye West was hospitalized for stress and exhaustion at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles directly after chaotic rants on his US tour. The TRUMP tirade specifically was a shocker to many of his fans, including myself. We were baffled and caught off guard honestly speaking by the particular side he chose to ride with. Truthfully speaking, red flags been thrown in the play since the Taylor Swift televised inebriated cry for help back at the MTV awards accompanied by Amber Rose and a personal Hennessy bottle. A doctorate degree or clinical license isn't required to properly identify the off Balance behavior patterns Kanye's been exerting stemming from emotional and chemical disconnect. I personally don't obtain a psycho therapy, social work, psychiatry, or journalism degree; quite candidly reporting and blogging aren't apart of my line of expertise, but that doesn't negate my ability to exceedingly and efficiently observe, assess, analyze and critique human behaviors than express my observations through writing. So I decided to put keyboard to note for expressive purposes only. On a mid Sunday afternoon , in the backseat of my best friend's besties car(if that makes sense lol) the question was posed , "What the hell is wrong with Kanye West!" Almost distinctly I replied , "He has a chemical imbalance." Aside from being a mental health first aide recipient, since the tender age of 7 I've dealt with mental illness firsthand because of the exposure by a close family member. Initially majority of my family members shunned the idea of mental illness, played the blame game and was in huge denial. In retrospect I don't fault their approach because if they'd knew better they'd do better. If they were exposed to the resources alternate choices would've been made but unfortunately they weren't. PTSD (Post traumatic stresses disorder) is usually used to label those suffering from traumatic experiences in their line of work(veterans and emergency responders in particular)or even causal experiences that cause trauma; but it hasn't been taught that AFRICAN AMERICANS and people of color suffer from that same disorder reflecting back to the 17th century when we arrived to the Americas in chains. Ultimately we are suffering from PTSD, and many other illnesses we've adapted emotionally and chemically. Mental illness is often linked with an emotional state which is a widespread misconception. Mental illness is a chemical imbalance where the brain reacts, responds and functions differently or abnormally causing these various feelings that often threaten oneself and others. If our communities were educated properly and given the tools to understand & empathize appropriately , so many lives would be changed and saved. Clinicians are studying, researching and trying their best to come up with other ways to treat mental illnesses rather than using anti depressants as the only coping mechanism; which is commendable because from my experience anti depressants and mentally ill prescribed drugs ignite other symptoms and side effects that make a patient or individual frankly unrecognizable. Suicidal/homicidal thoughts, drowsiness, and paranoia just to name a few. So now hospitals are trying to implement collaborative care, therapy sessions and counseling but what their missing is FAMILY INTERVENTION/EDUCATION! In retrospect if the family would've supported my family member suffering of bipolar disorder at the tender age of 18, intervened and analyzed ways to defeat it through love, care, understanding, patience; yet maintained an assertive, comforting , genuine approach, he/she wouldn't have experienced all the woes , and went through all the denial stage repercussions and hospitalizations. I put my life on that!!!!! As a community we have an obligation to alter our approach ; so when I seen all the memes and captions tweeted and IGd by specific comedians towards Kanye's meltdown, I created an opposite play because I know how unfortunate and sensitive the subject of mental illness is. Everyone handles life obstacles differently and ever since the passing of his mom, his best friend , he changed tremendously and his actions proved it. For those who grew up in small families , you can identify with being lonely and/or longing for a family with multiple siblings to roll in packs sort of speak. Have someone to confide in when your parents are getting on your last nervous; or better yet having someone stand up for you when your being scrutinize humiliated or bullied in the street. Having sibling aha it's pros and cons but I've always outweighed the good with the bad. Although I wasn't the only child, I grew up in my household alone after my brother left when I was seven; so those feelings were normal for me. West not only loves KIM because of her curvaceous seductive body, or bodacious bank account , I can bet any amount of money he's in love with whole package. That family structure which he lacks. The most vital root of any family tree is the mother; especially in the black community. Mothers play multiple roles when fathers are too insecure , unskilled, unable, incapable mentally ill or neglectful to do so. Ironically the same day Ye was admitted his mothers anniversary was approaching! In essence praying for our loved ones who may be less fortunate, suffering from pain, neglect or any chronic or mental illness , is the best way to truly take part of a healing process; instead of being judge mental, biased, hurtful, insensitive and outright numb. It's takes a village and with yikes changing as a whole we have to wear our armor, gear up and protect ourselves. Each one teach one ! You never know how the tables may one day turn! Praying for YE! TOP FIVE, sick, crazy, dead or alive lol

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