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Politic Ourselves

On this dreary day, November 9th 2016, the tension I was forced to embody influenced my flesh, numbed my spirit and tugged my soul, so unexpectedly. Today the "Divided States of America" revealed its true identity. An identity whose DNA contain fibers drowned in spite, revenge, pride, hate, racism, sexism, greed, envy, misogyny, political correctness, injustice, and unsophisticated immoral values. Although the country seemed to be on the verge of moving forward with the idea that this democracy should "at least" enforce HONOR, & JUSTICE in the midst of corruption; surprisingly yesterdays final ELECTORAL votes exemplified the desire for personal gain rather than unified growth, liberty and advancement for all. Americans were convinced by an uninformed, insensitive, disconnected, untrue, lying, criminal that he has the stamina ,temperament and logic to actually make an impact to change this country. I do agree he can make a difference; but the difference I predict will be detrimental, unwanted, unfair, unethical and lack substantiated appeal. A few months ago I was presented with a question to differentiate the significance between private/catholic schools curriculum's vs public institutions; and whether I thought catholic school is a good mold for children growing up aspiring to succeed. Aside from the fact Catholic institutions implement religion and biblical teachings within their curriculum, their settings differ from public schools because of its disciplinary rooted foundation. Before I could provide my disciplinary rooted argument, I sat and listened to the commentary gauging whether I should re-present traditional formalities to a modernized supposedly evolved society. Suppose we reinforced segregation in schools and neighborhoods pre higher learning(before college); but made it a preference instead of a lawful treaty. Meaning a person or persons from another race or background can visit, attend or participate a specified cultural business or institution, with a clear understanding their experience would be heavily engulfed and consumed by specific cultural and ethnic beliefs, ideas and traditions. Imagine if OUR young boys and girls were taught what WE believed were valuable tools, resources and teachings they required to fully comprehend the duty they have as BLACK, NEGROE AMERICANS to utilize the advantages we have in this so called democracy. Imagine if we created our own curriculum non sugar coded, raw, uncut and substantial to the colored ears and eyes. Imagine if we governed our communities , provided the financial services, food services and healthcare personnel, how tailored and unique it would be with all the chronic suffering we are dealing with. Imagine if a social studies teacher in the heart of any inner city decided to focus on a project based on mass incarceration by studying the "13TH AMENDMENT". How will that impact a young mind and divert him from making choices that may land him in the statistical shit hole? Just imagine? So the black panthers who were proclaimed RADICAL were actually empowering logic. Is that kind of logic needed in the new millennium? In my line of work as a health coach(which will soon shape the face of healthcare in years to come), my employer only hires those from the community. Why? Because it takes more than a degree, certificate or specific credential to empathize for a group of people suffering from chronic illness; and truly display a passion and determination to make a pivotal change for the better. The African American community is still suffering from post traumatic stress no matter how many people try to deny our history's impact. The minority within the majority who have been able to soar and succeed are few, far and in between; more so the diamonds in the ruff. The needles in the hay stacks! Should that identical ideal appeal to us? Should those teaching, serving, governing and leading us be ONE in he same to grasp what we need and desire to change the nature of our future to come. The discussion needs to be had on a massive level. Change has to be implemented through us, by us and for us.

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