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Stay Humble!!!

We live in a society where material objects, personal finances, significant others and tangible objects we possess define our pride, happiness and character. Its reported the CIVIL WAR fought from 1861-1865 was one of the bloodiest wars in American history; but what's unspoken is the basis and foundation of the war. Most slave owners were in a higher "class" sort of speak, and the elimination of slavery would only decrease the profit. White men who didn't own slaves withdrew and fled to the masses because they were being forced to fight the "Rich Man's" war. Slave owners who owned a certain amount of slaves were discharged of their duties and sent back to their plantations, which was deemed unfair to the poor white men risking their lives and sacrificing their freedom. The root of the war was to sustain PROFIT, MATERIALISM, & STATURE even if it meant dehumanizing an entire race; which caused a interracial, as well as biracial divide. Fast forward a couple of centuries later , we are still divided by not only RACE, but class and financial gain. Growing up in a non denominational church, and attending catholic school my entire life, I've built a foundation peculiar to ones understanding. Especially a girl coming from SECTION 8 background and parents raised in the SOUTH BRONX, my outlook on life stems from a spiritual aspect, which is somewhat unexpected and/ or unpredictable to many. Unfortunately I dont make it to church as much as I should, when I do go I gain an empowering, substantial perspective. Two SUNDAYS ago the Junior Pastor Parris (Whom I love because he is young , so that youthful spirit connects to the younger audience at a different capacity, and to add his personality is extremely down to earth, witty and comedic) preached about happiness and its misinterpretation. So he read the scripture describing the BEATITUDES and replaced BLESSED with "HAPPY ARE THOSE". For those of you who aren't familiar, look up Matthew 5:5-9. All of the beatitudes showcase ways we can make it to heaven by encompassing one virtue, which is humility. Humility has several definitions such as humbleness, being respectful to others, being opposite of arrogant or boastful; but the definition Parris used that resonated the most was KNOWING YOUR PLACE. That resonated so clearly because often times we battle our worth, status and current position in life. We compare our situations to others. We are easily distracted by others accomplishments or material possessions, especially in this social media crazed outlet, where with a click of a button we can sustain a snapshot of someone else's lifestyle; so we become jealous, envious, angry and hateful. If we were only HUMBLE enough to respect our peers accomplishments and focus on ourselves, humble ourselves in the sight of the LORD, just imagine how peaceful this world will be. Some of the worst deadly sins like lust(which causes adultery), envy, and hate, are committed and come from the lack of humility. Systematic capitalism and racism is from the lack humility. The inability to humble yourself, put yourself in someone else's shoes and contribute to someone's else well being and or/happiness. Depression, anger, jealousy, all of these traits can stem from the lack of humble beginnings. Ultimately I VOW to oneself to use humility to get through any of my doubts, fears and or insecurities. Know GOD has a PLACE and plan for my life. Don'

t discredit any one else's blessings, accomplishments, or stance in life. BE SECURE, HUMBLE and most of all GOD FEARING. Have FAITH the plan HE has for you is destined, ordained and unique.

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