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Fulfill Your DESTINY

Taraji P. Henson is TOP 5 in my book because her authenticity makes it's EASY for girls like me, "Around The Way" girls to be unapologetic for the way I act, speak or even the volume of my voice when I project or speak. Growing up in Catholic School I was always told I was "Too Ghetto", but in the GHETTO I wasn't street enough‼️ I was just a spoiled privileged catholic school girl.... Either way it was a LOSE or LOSE🏾 Furthermore these past 5, 6 years I've had so many NAY SAYERs and haters who shot me down when I portrayed a dream, and ultimately I learned no one knows your full potential BUT YOU‼️ So the hate was ammunition and I began to win , on. My own , no Manangemt , no team, than I made the conscious decision to create a miracle with the LOVE OF MY LIFE️️ short after my few victories. In this industry called ENTERTAINMENT age and parenting responsibilities (especially for a woman) can be a deal breaker!!! But women like Taraji inspire me to fuel that hate and use it to PROVE to myself I'm worth more than a stigmatic stereotype ........ There will be people in this world that DISCOURAGE you more than they ENCOURAGE and that's for a couple of reasons; for example fear, hate, jealousy, envy or pure ignorance ‼️ Don't let the naysayers determine your DESTINY, only GOD and you are in charge of the path you take to fulfill your future ‼️ Shout out to all my single mothers or women period you don't allow barriers or haters get in the way of their dreams and accomplishments)

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