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Women's Perspective In Hip Hop

Often times women feel inferior in this male dominated prominent HIP HOP CULTURE; so we rely on who to move and push our careers in the right direction? A MALE! What I realized through experience and networking for these past SIX years is that WOMEN would be so powerful if we only believed in our ability to create collectively. We are sexual beings that ultimately will be targeted by or for SEX which can work in our FAVOR or disadvantage, depending on how the cards are dealt. BE CONFIDENT in your GIFT, your TALENT, and dont be afraId to reach out to an aspiring QUEEN to build a force. Lets uplift one another like the dudes do? Dont you see they are winning because like wolves they travel in packs? SHEEPS need a herder! ARE YOU A WOLVE OR A SHEEP! In this games SHEEPS ARE EATEN ALIVE!!!!!

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