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“Mamas Baby & Poppa’s Baby TOO” was envisioned then written to shift the narrative in African American culture that employs mothers to own and accept SOLE responsibility of the wellness growth and development of a child; while the father’s role is merely questioned and undermined. I know we have heard phrase “Mama’s Baby & Poppa’s MAYBE.” Here is an opportunity to UNLEARN. These children are “Poppa’s Baby TOO.”


The responsibility should be a well-balanced combination of a mother and father (or two parent household including adult guardianship) involved at the fullest capacity; when capable whether actively in a relationship and/or co-parenting, to ensure the safety, protection, mental and physical health of beautiful growing human beings. I hope you are just as inspired to read as I was intrigued and motivated raising attention to an idea generations approaching will embrace and appreciate. Let’s break the cycles, chains, ideas and narratives that shouldn’t of existed from the beginning. 2021 and beyond let’s vow to EXUDE black excellence in all areas of our lives.


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