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This is AMERICA !!!!!!

Today marks the FIRST day in history “Capitol Hill” has been swarmed by infiltration a day after SENATE historically flipped in the Democratic party’s favor 🗳 The better half of us 🌎 watched stunned, amazed, confused, disgusted, angry and APPALLED while “CHUMP” supporters utilized police barricades as ladders to climb the “Capitol Hill” wall, stormed onto its stairs breaking windows, sky diving on scaffoldings to reach higher levels and fighting their way pass law enforcement to illegally canvas the floors and offices stealing, trespassing and vandalizing federal property ON CAMERA 🎥 👀

If anyone every questioned the ideology behind WHITENESS or WHITE PRIVILEGE 🤔, today’s response to the anarchy presented by those white supremacists defined the term precisely. The lack of immediate effective ACTION, in regards to the authorities, represented empathy law enforcement possesses whenever interacting with WHITE AMERICA; which people of color aren’t privy to receiving in any capacity 👿

The underprivileged communities stood by in awe witnessing the destruction taken place merely astounded by the peaceful approach taken by law enforcement 😳 Videos displayed on social media shows police officers opening barricades for the domestic terrorists to enter the Hill’a perimeters, and officers selfies being taken 🤳🏽 once the mob rushed in the actual building jeopardizing the lives of security, other officers, and law makers 😠

The culture can’t help BUT to ask these questions:

Is the universe allowing these acts to take place based on the terror inflicted by these leaders in Congress on the backs of black, brown and indigenous people for generations to date ⁉️ Is this OUR FIGHT⁉️ Has CHUMP’s hateful rhetoric the cause of mass hysteria⁉️ Can we be confident the continuation of violence won’t continue during @joebiden inauguration ⁉️ Nevertheless for the betterment of our future we pray this is an awakening moment in time for the entire nation. We also keep all the innocent parties involved return home safe and unscathed by this experience. Thank you @shaunking & @bgonthescene for your diligent effort towards justice diligently making us aware so change can be provoked 💯🙏🏾

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