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“Bilal” From THE CHI (Shomari Love)

How many young adults can admit to focusing on elders in the community; such as being an advocate on their behalf, protecting and supporting their spaces at all cost? Do we call or visit them on a weekly basis or simply holiday?  How about offer to go grocery shopping on occasion? Or do we relinquish responsibilities for the home health aide, visiting nurse or living assistant? The second to last scene in the multi faceted American Drama “The CHI” will force plenty of people to re-evaluate and prioritize who are in their lives to care for.  Shomari Love who plays “Bilal” on Season 2 struck a cord with viewers who may be sensitive to graphic, raw enactments of assault; but because of his sharp acting skills the audience was almost convinced to believe his “Door To Door” veteran survey pitch. Shomari may be a newly added face to the acting screen, but his lengthy resume suggests he’s ready to familiarize himself with Hollywood and it’s peers. Shomari Love, Queens New York native, is a true diamond in the rough by many standards. Easily he could’ve been misguided by his environmental pressures; yet he graduated from Seton Hall University determined to live a life full of passion. The passion for the arts, and his brotherhood (Que DOG fraternity) effortlessly translates on camera. Last week during @jj_publicrelations launch of Shomari’s “The CHI” S2 Premiere, we were able to soak up his passionate energy with a genuine conversation. Positive signals filled with vibrant waves created such an impactful moment. One of the realest moments stemmed from a speech where he began holding back tears reflecting on his progression since his last television debut in “Black Lightning”. His ability to share such a vulnerable truth spoke volumes to his character off camera. On camera “Bilal” may portray a villain in the #1 Television drama; but to those who know Shomari personally he’s a leader. His skill set varies from acting in film and television, professionally trained in IMPROV, African Drummer, sports connoisseurs, dancer & more. Speaking of dancing , you’d be surprised what STEPS Shomari can formulate while performing with the Omega Psi Phi also known as the “Que Dogs” who were also in full support of his self proclaimed “Villain Of The Year” Debut. The culture yearns for new raw talent like Shomari Love who takes pride in their craftsmanship. Let’s follow his lead by possessing a work ethic that’ll place you on the latter of success.

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