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"Selfie" Affirmation

Have you ever felt emotionally, mentally or psychologically defeated? So defeated that you start to doubt your own capabilities, talents, gifts; and tend to only acknowledge your worth if another human being affirms it for you. Social confirmation can assert self gratification. Even in today's society with the internet and social elitism being such an empowering factor to ones success, it's easy to doubt your ability to thrive and succeed without the likes, hits or views of others. Back in the day we didn't rely on a like or double tap to affirm our worthiness, so why is it such an influential determining factor in today's society? Should this bandwagon of "jumping on the bandwagon" continue, or should we revert back to resourceful tangible findings, like getting to know someone fully to gauge whether they bring a substantial asset to the table. In the new millennium based entertainment industry, people are discovered on the mere fact that they were able to attract the souls, minds and views of the mass popular culture through the internet; regardless of the capacity of skills they present and lie on the table. Interning at Def Jam back in 2011 I discovered A&Rs aren't interested in talent any longer. Their main concern is clicks generated which create views. Views over a quarter of million excites labels because they assume the capitalization and monetary success will follow. With that being said, today's artists have to consider their age, art, talent and targeted demographic. A 15 year old entertainer/artist who dances , sings, writes, act, draws, or performs at any capacity, may have a staggering receptive reaction on social media vs a 30 year old artist whose peers barely have the time to check their Facebook. Personally I'm an example of that girl between the 15 and 30 year old, trying to redefine her position in this socialistic arena; potentially attempting to re position her demographic and align her stars correctly to evolve appropriately. On a daily basis no matter who supports my passion, vision, drive, eagerness or willingness to succeed, my self affirmation is main the gear that keeps me in motion. Keeps me afloat!!!! & Tunnel vision & self affirmation is key! Major according to Khaled lol so dont ever play yourself!!!!! Dream it, speak it, believe it, work on it, fight for it, create it, and you shall achieve it! Word to this double click of he mouse & space bar!!!!!!!!! AFFIRM YOUR HAPPINESS, AFFIRM YOUR SUCCESS & AFFIRM YOUR FAITH!!!!!

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