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"The road to entrepreneurship is a fearless road, yet one worth taking. Destini has conquered her inner inhibitions by tackling what most are fearful to achieve. Whether its competing statewide in the "Florida Caribbean Student Association" apart of the Jamaican Association dance team at Barry University located in Miami Shores Florida, or rocking the mic at the hottest, most prominent NYC showcase venues SOB's (Sounds Of Brazil), she has managed to utilize her talent, team player attributes and creative skills to snatch the crown in any competition landing first place. Destini is the definition of a walking trophy. Not merely what she has accomplished in the arts, but surviving two nearly fatal car accidents, surviving domestic violence as a teenager, successfully carrying/nurturing a beautiful daughter and set of dynamic twin boys over the last six years, just to name a few of her success stories. She encourages all young girls and women alike, to categorize themselves as QUEENS; and demand respect by first and foremost respecting themselves, secondly prioritizing their goals in order to succeed and finally being surrounded by those who share the same ideals and passion to create a positive atmosphere encompassed with great energy for motivational purposes. Growing up in EAST HARLEM, also known as EL BARRIO, she has overcome so many obstacles, yet she uses those experiences as fuel to create a brighter future for herself and family. Destini is a passionate writer, songwriter, artist, "influencer", innovater, MOTHER and most of all woman of GOD whom purpose supersedes the name she was given. Currently her main focus is her newest baby, "Play Your Cards Right" which is a production/content series curated to empower aspiring/successful ARTISTS, ENTREPRENEURS, TASTE MAKERS, DJS, DESIGNERS and anyone else solidifying themselves in OUR CULTURE. The mission of this platform to provoke thought through non-judgmental conversation and organic fun-filled vibes. Because of her extensive resume and skill set, she is able to contribute a substantial stance to create effective, entertaining and inspirational content. If life were a game, are you willing to PLAY TO WIN, or THROW IN THE TOWEL?? ! "LET YOUR NEXT MOVE BE YOUR BEST MOVE"


Destini S. Belton

"I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me" 

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